What camera do you use..?

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It’s a question I get asked a lot. Along with “what camera should I get?”.

I would say what camera you have is probably the least important link in the chain (the lens is far more important, but that's another subject for another day!). The best camera in the world won’t help you to see a good image or to compose an effective shot. With that in mind the best “camera” is (are) your eyes! Any camera on the market will capture a high quality photo. That includes phones! Use what you already have.

So, how do you go about “seeing” a good image? Easy to answer! More tricky to do!! Practice!! And lots and lots of trial and error. It's true regardless of the genre of photography you like to shoot. Be it portraits, landscapes, nature, etc. Through hours of practice and making mistakes you will eventually find what works. That process never stops. I defy any photographer to know everything. I certainly don’t, I’m always learning. That’s the beauty of it. Sometimes you get lucky and catch that amazing shot purely chance. The real skill is to plan a shot and capture it. Not always possible out in nature photographing wildlife. But researching an area and your subject can pay dividends and may well improve your chances of getting “The Shot”.


Also whatever equipment you use, be it a camera or phone, make sure you know how to use it upside-down, inside-out and with your eyes closed! Seriously, I mean it. The last thing you want is that baby elephant coming up to you and you’re too busy fiddling about with settings!

That all comes back to practice. As you become totally familiar with your chosen “weapon” you will also develop an eye for the best capture.

Most importantly have fun and don't get frustrated if you're not happy with the results straightaway. See what you do and don't like about and image and learn from it. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Happy snapping


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