Need headshots? Here's a few things to consider

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IMG_3003_flipped_webIMG_3003_flipped_web If you're needing a new set of headshots to promote yourself there's a few things you may want to think about first so that you get the full benefit from them, especially if you've not had any taken professionally before. But don't worry there's nothing daunting or scary about it. With the few simple pointers here you'll be ready to create some great photos.

A headshot is to portray your image. It could be for business or an acting/modelling portfolio or perhaps a post on social media. Whatever the purpose, you will probably already know why you need them so they can be tailored accordingly.

Once the reason is established the main thing to think about is what to wear - and possibly what not to wear!

If you're looking to use it for your business profile, then wear what you would normally wear when meeting clients. It could be a suit or could be jeans and a t-shirt. It all depends on the the industry in which you work. But there is no need to dress up especially for the occasion. After all, the whole idea is to portray you - the real you - not some made up version (you can do that in separate portrait session and you can be whoever you want to be!).

Once you've decided on the style of clothing that is suitable, think about colours. If you wear a uniform and want to use that then easy - job done! If not maybe you'd like to tie in with the colours of your brand. If not and you're unsure always err on the more muted side. At the end of the day the focus needs to be on you and your face, so it's best to avoid bright and loud patterns (unless that's part of your branding). Neutral and plain colours will be less distracting, but that doesn't mean you have to keep to grey and beige, just keep it simple and clean.

OK, now you've got your wardrobe sorted and you know what to you're going to wear, the next thing is where! What sort of location is going to best Habilephotography_IMG_4100_portrait_habilephotographyHabilephotography_IMG_4100_portrait_habilephotography convey your image? It can be in a studio with a plain backdrop, but not necessarily. You could opt for a more environmental headshot, whereby you're in a location that is connected to your business, either your workplace or somewhere that gives a strong connection to the image you want to convey. So if you're a chef it's probably not going to work terribly well in a workshop!

Now we know what we're wearing and where we're going it's time to pose! We don't need to worry about strutting about like a catwalk model - that's not what this is all about! Just stand, or sit confidently - so no slouching! You may have a preferred 'best' side so start with that. It's OK to smile too, if you like (unless it's for your passport!), but a genuine smile not a fake forced one like you had to do for your school photos! But as you're looking great in comfortable clothes and in familiar surroundings you'll be nice and relaxed and can let your confidence flow.

The key to a smooth headshot session is communication between you and your photographer. Know what you want from the session and discuss the finer points beforehand so everyone is on the same page at the start. Making it up on the spot with lots of chopping and changing will waste time and you may not end up with the shots you'd hoped. Communication is also equally important during the session. If there's anything you're not sure of or are unclear about, say so. Also you may want to try something a little different that you feel may work better. Again, say so if there's time. And if it doesn't work, no matter - back to the plan and everyone knows instantly where they are. Whilst it's best to keep on track a little flexibility doesn't hurt either.

It may be a lot to think about but it should also be fun and enjoyable. That way you'll get great shots that you'll be delighted with for sometime to come. 

And if I can do it, you can do it. That's me down there ▼▼▼



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